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Buffet-Crampon is the undisputed worldwide leader of clarinet making. Since 1825, it has been the preferred choice of pros and amateurs alike. BUFFET is indeed number one amongst all manufacturers because of its long tradition and expertise, but also because of its ability to constantly innovate.

Buffet B-10

Manufacturer : Buffet-Crampon

The B10 clarinets are made from ABS resin with an appearance and sound similar to that of genuine grenadilla wood. These models are lightweight, strong and easy to play. Perfect for beginners or amateurs of all age groups.

The B10 model has a very attractive and modern design due to the black body rings, straight keywork and the bell without the traditional body ring. The body is buffed to give the appearance of wood.

The nickel silver keywork is cold forged and induction soldered, providing greater stability, precision and quality. The B10 model is mounted with double fish skin pads which ensure excellent sealing.

All models in the student range are equipped with an adjustable thumb rest for correct and comfortable positioning (and a neck strap ring).

Instrument Specifications :

  • Made of ABS resin : Resists cracking
  • Nickel plated keys : Durable, long-lasting keywork
  • Ergonomic key design : Improved playing comfort like that of a professional clarinet
  • Adjustable thumb rest : Adjustable for optimum comfort
  • Pointed needle springs : Better key action
  • Undercut tone holes : Improves tone and faster response
  • Double fish skin pads (B12) : Excellent airtightness, long lasting
  • Clainet clamps : Better protection during transport and better sealing of the toneholes
  • Synthetic joint stops

499.00$ (DEMO)

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